The Consecration of the Hands of the Priest

Saint Thomas Aquinas taught that “out of reverence for this Sacrament, nothing touches it but what is consecrated.” This goes to the vessels that hold the sacred species as well as the hands of the priest who are the ONLY ones consecrated”.
One cannot forget why. Nothing impure must make contact with His Body and Blood. Never should there be a possibility to commit sacrilege toward our Lord Jesus Christ. No one who really understands the magnificent nature of the miracle should selfishly demand the right to handle the sacred presence when God has given them the opportunity, through the priest, to take His presence internally, close to their heart and fill their soul with an abundance of grace.

The Council of Trent defined dogmatically that Our Lord Jesus Christ is present in every part of the Blessed Sacrament. The Council taught infallibly:

“If anyone denieth that, in the venerable Sacrament of the Eucharist, the whole Christ is contained under each species, and under every part of each species, when separated; let him be anathema.”

In the rubrics before Vatican II:

1) From the moment the priest pronounces the words of the Consecration over the Sacred Host, the priest keeps his forefinger and thumb together on each hand. Whether he elevates the chalice, or turns the pages of the missal, or opens the tabernacle, his thumb and his forefinger on each hand are closed. The thumb and forefinger touch nothing but the Sacred Host;

2) During Holy Communion, the altar boy holds the paten under the chin of those receiving Communion, so that the slightest particle does not fall to the ground. This paten is cleaned into the chalice afterwards;

3) After Holy Communion is distributed, the priest scrapes the corporal (the small linen cloth on the altar) with the paten, and cleans it into the chalice so that if the slightest particle is left, it is collected and consumed by the priest;

4) Then, the priest washes his thumb and forefinger over the chalice with water and wine, and this water and wine is reverently consumed to insure that the smallest particle of the Sacred Host is not susceptible to desecration.

The precautions taken to protect the sacred species is suspect when many ordinary persons are placed upon the altar to dispense the sacred host. This is greatly magnified when the people are allowed to place Our Lord in their ordinary hands and self-administer. A very conservative church I once attended cautioned the people at all the Masses for they were finding the host in the pews, in the books, and on the floor! It is also known that hosts are stolen from churches by this easy means for desecration in Satanic rituals.

Why would anyone want to submit our Dear Lord to such blasphemy and Sacrilege! This does not happen with the traditional priests in churches like the Society of Saint Pius V. The same care is taken as has always been taken to protect and piously dispense the Most Sacred Body and Blood of Jesus Christ when one attends the Latin Mass as it has always been.