Catholic Tradition

This site is dedicated to all those faithful Catholics who are in the difficult journey back to tradition in the Roman Catholic Church and the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.

There are basically two types of Catholics who journey in tradition.  There is the Catholic who understands that there is something wrong with the progressive church and is seeking the security of the church’s knowledge, piety, sacredness, faithfulness, etc. and the Catholic who is in some form of tradition and is seeking the right home to attend the true Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.

This journey awakens the soul and the mind.  It lessens the importance of “feelings” as the only link to faith as the modernist church relies so heavily on.  The journey allows us to think clearly and seek the truth and concentrate on the ultimate goal of securing a pure soul to take us to the beatific vision of our Heavenly King!

The enemy to traditional Catholicism is modernism.  This disease entered the church long ago and has fermented into a new mix of progressive beliefs, teachings, actions that totally changed the True and Holy Mass which was the foundation of our great faith.

This site is dedicated to the Society of Saint Pius V.  The SSPV has remained faithful to the Council of Trent.  Why the Council of Trent?  It laid ultimate commands to orthodoxy under a curse to those who may deviate from these proclamations.  This was a council to fight the heresies of the time and set the foundation of the Roman Catholic Church without doubt or ambiguity for the entire future of this great Church.

This is a new blog.  Click on a title above the date on the left menu bar.  May the grace of God enrich your journey and give you the courage to attain the fullness of grace to live gloriously with Him forever.


In the defense of the traditional Roman Catholic Church in Illinois and the preservation of Latin in the Mass